What To Expect?

Physiotherapist in Pallasgreen

The Initial Consultation

A GP referral is not required before the initial consultation. Karen may be your first contact health practitioner but will also work as part of a multi disciplinary team of health professionals in the management of some conditions and/or injuries. You should bring GP or consultant referral letters if applicable.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothing to your physiotherapy appointment and if mobility devices and/or supports are required these should be brought in for Karen to assess. Athletes are also advised to bring in their running shoes. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

What to expect?

At the initial consultation Karen will take a detailed medical history, and will carry out biomechanical and function tests and an assessment of the patient’s mobility and strength. This will guide the diagnosis and division of an appropriate treatment plan.

The Treatment

The treatment is tailored to you. Karen will individualise the treatment plan according to your symptoms, goals and lifestyle. Treatment may incorporate manual therapy and/or exercise therapy – most often the treatment plan comprises a combination of both. Manual therapy involves hands-on treatment techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations. Exercise therapy involves the prescription of and education on mobility, flexibility and/or strengthening exercises to aid further recovery and to prevent re-injury.

A physiotherapist is commonly asked how long will recovery take and how many treatment sessions are required. This depends on the type of injury/condition, the person’s age, lifestyle and goals. A minor muscle strain may only require a few sessions whereas on-going issues such as arthritis may benefit from maintenance check-ups. Karen will work in partnership with you throughout the treatment plan to ensure optimal outcomes.